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The original implementation of Boost.Thread was written by William Kempf, with contributions from numerous others. This new version initially grew out of an attempt to rewrite Boost.Thread to William Kempf's design with fresh code that could be released under the Boost Software License. However, as the C++ Standards committee have been actively discussing standardizing a thread library for C++, this library has evolved to reflect the proposals, whilst retaining as much backwards-compatibility as possible.

Particular thanks must be given to Roland Schwarz, who contributed a lot of time and code to the original Boost.Thread library, and who has been actively involved with the rewrite. The scheme for dividing the platform-specific implementations into separate directories was devised by Roland, and his input has contributed greatly to improving the quality of the current implementation.

Thanks also must go to Peter Dimov, Howard Hinnant, Alexander Terekhov, Chris Thomasson and others for their comments on the implementation details of the code.