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BoostBook element library-reference

library-reference — Declares the reference material for a library


library-reference ::= (title?, section*, (header| library-reference)*)


Reference documentation for a library is contained with a <library-reference> element. The <library-reference> element has no attributes, and contains as children only <header> elements.

The <header> element defines a C++ header file. Within each C++ header file lie the definitions of C++ constructs to be documented. The name attribute of the <header> element gives the name of the header, as one would specify when including the header. For instance, the <library-reference> for the Any library may look like this:

  <header name="boost/any.hpp">
    <!-- C++ constructs in this header -->

If the Any library contained multiple headers, we would list them all as children of the <library-reference> element.

library-reference elements can be nested, so that reference material can be divided into separate sections that each contain different headers.


Name Type Value Purpose
last-revision #IMPLIED CDATA Set to $Date$ to keep "last revised" information in sync with CVS changes
id #IMPLIED CDATA A global identifier for this element
xml:base #IMPLIED CDATA Implementation detail used by XIncludes