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Struct template is_mpi_op

boost::mpi::is_mpi_op — Determine if a function object has an associated MPI_Op.


// In header: <boost/mpi/operations.hpp>

template<typename Op, typename T> 
struct is_mpi_op : public boost::mpl::false_ {


This trait determines if a function object type Op, when used with argument type T, has an associated MPI_Op. If so, is_mpi_op<Op,T> will derive from mpl::false_ and will contain a static member function op that takes no arguments but returns the associated MPI_Op value. For instance, is_mpi_op<std::plus<int>,int>::op() returns MPI_SUM.

Users may specialize is_mpi_op for any other class templates that map onto operations that have MPI_Op equivalences, such as bitwise OR, logical and, or maximum. However, users are encouraged to use the standard function objects in the functional and boost/mpi/operations.hpp headers whenever possible. For function objects that are class templates with a single template parameter, it may be easier to specialize is_builtin_mpi_op.