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Number List Redux - list syntax

So far, we've been using the syntax:

double_ >> *(',' >> double_)

to parse a comma-delimited list of numbers. Such lists are common in parsing and Spirit provides a simpler shortcut for them. The expression above can be simplified to:

double_ % ','

read as: a list of doubles separated by ','.

This sample, again a variation of our previous example, demonstrates just that:

template <typename Iterator>
bool parse_numbers(Iterator first, Iterator last, std::vector<double>& v)
    using qi::double_;
    using qi::phrase_parse;
    using qi::_1;
    using ascii::space;
    using phoenix::push_back;

    bool r = phrase_parse(first, last,

        //  Begin grammar
            double_[push_back(phoenix::ref(v), _1)] % ','
        //  End grammar


    if (first != last) // fail if we did not get a full match
        return false;
    return r;

The full cpp file for this example can be found here: ../../example/qi/num_list3.cpp