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This version of Spirit is a complete rewrite of the classic Spirit many people have been contributing to (see below). But there are a couple of people who already managed to help significantly during this rewrite. We would like to express our special acknowledgement to (in no particular order):

Eric Niebler for writing Boost.Proto, without which this rewrite wouldn't have been possible, and helping with examples, advice, and suggestions on how to use Boost.Proto in the best possible way.

Ben Hanson for providing us with an early version of his Lexertl library, which is proposed to be included into Boost (as Boost.Lexer). At the time of this writing the Boost review for this library is still pending.

Francois Barel for his silent but steady work on making and keeping Spirit compatible with all versions of gcc, older and newest ones. He not only contributed subrules to Spirit V2.1, but always keeps an eye on the small details which are so important to make a difference.

Andreas Haberstroh for proof reading the documentation and fixing those non-native-speaker-quirks we managed to introduce into the first versions of the documentation.

Chris Hoeppler for taking up the editorial tasks for the initial version of this documentation together with Andreas Haberstroh. Chris did a lot especially at the last minute when we are about to release.

Michael Caisse (a.k.a mjcaisse) for being Spirit's benevolent evangelist on freenode's #boost IRC . No Spirit question asked there stays without an answer because of his active involvement. Also, we would like to thank him for last minute editing work on the 2.1 release documentation.

Tobias Schwinger for proposing expectation points and GCC port of an early version.

Dave Abrahams as always, for countless advice and help on C++, library development, interfaces, usability and ease of use, for reviewing the code and providing valuable feedback and for always keeping us on our toes.

OvermindDL for his creative ideas on the mailing list helping to resolve even more difficult user problems.

Carl Barron for his early adoption and valuable feedback on the Lexer library forcing us to design a proper API covering all of his use cases. He also contributed an early version of the variadic attribute API for Qi.

Daniel James for improving and maintaining Quickbook, the tool we use for this documentation. Also, for bits and pieces here and there such documentation suggestions and editorial patches.

Stephan Menzel for his early adoption of Qi and Karma and his willingness to invest time to spot bugs which were hard to isolate. Also, for his feedback on the documentation.

Ray Burkholder and Dainis Polis for last minute feedback on the documentation.

Steve Brandt for his his effort trying to put Qi and Karma to some use while writing a source to source language transformation tool. He made many incredible suggestions helping to improve the usability of both libraries.

Bryce Leylbach (a.k.a. wash) for contributing the components qi::as<T>[] and karma::as<T>[], for working on utree and its integration with Qi and Karma, for adding numeric parser literals, for contributing the related documentation, and for being a big help in the everyday maintenance of the library's (and our) sanity.

Mathias Gaunard for his bug reports, suggestions and regression test contributions to the Lexer helping to find subtle bugs and to improve its overall usability.

Thomas Bernard (a.k.a. teajay) for working on the keyword parser and for adding explicit names to the qi::symbols<> component.

Robert Stewart for his active participation on the mailing list, his helpful comments, examples and suggestions.

Thomas Taylor, Richard Crossley, Semen, and Adalberto Castelo for their help in isolating problems while testing the new attribute handling code released with V2.5.

Special thanks to spirit-devel and spirit-general mailing lists for participating in the discussions, being early adopters of pre-release versions of Spirit2 from the very start and helping out in various tasks such as helping with support, bug tracking, benchmarking and testing, etc. The list include: Larry Evans, Richard Webb, Martin Wille, Dan Marsden, Cedric Venet, Allan Odgaard, Matthias Vallentin, Justinas V.D., Darid Tromer, Brian O'Kennedy, Aaron Graham, Joerg Becker.

Joao Abecasis for his early support and involvement in Spirit2 development and for disturbing my peace every once in a while for a couple of jokes.

The list goes on and on... if you've been mentioned thank Joel and Hartmut, if not, kick Joao :-)

Acknowledgements from the Spirit V1 classic Documentation

Special thanks for working on Spirit classic to:

Dan Nuffer for his work on lexers, parse trees, ASTs, XML parsers, the multi-pass iterator as well as administering Spirit's site, editing, maintaining the CVS and doing the releases plus a zillion of other chores that were almost taken for granted.

Hartmut Kaiser for his work on the C parser, the work on the C/C++ preprocessor, utility parsers, the original port to Intel 5.0, various work on Phoenix, porting to v1.5, the meta-parsers, the grouping-parsers, extensive testing and painstaking attention to details.

Martin Wille who improved grammar multi thread safety, contributed the eol_p parser, the dynamic parsers, documentation and for taking an active role in almost every aspect from brainstorming and design to coding. And, as always, helps keep the regression tests for g++ on Linux as green as ever :-).

Martijn W. Van Der Lee our Web site administrator and for contributing the RFC821 parser.

Giovanni Bajo for last minute tweaks of Spirit 1.8.0 for CodeWarrior 8.3. Actually, I'm ashamed Giovanni was not in this list already. He's done a lot since Spirit 1.5, the first Boost.Spirit release. He's instrumental in the porting of the Spirit iterators stuff to the new Boost Iterators Library (version 2). He also did various bug fixes and wrote some tests here and there.

Juan Carlos Arevalo-Baeza (JCAB)* for his work on the C++ parser, the position iterator, ports to v1.5 and keeping the mailing list discussions alive and kicking.

Vaclav Vesely, lots of stuff, the no_actions directive, various patches fixes, the distinct parsers, the lazy parser, some phoenix tweaks and add-ons (e.g. new_). Also, *Stefan Slapeta] and wife for editing Vaclav's distinct parser doc.

Raghavendra Satish for doing the original v1.3 port to VC++ and his work on Phoenix.

Noah Stein for following up and helping Ragav on the VC++ ports.

Hakki Dogusan, for his original v1.0 Pascal parser.

John (EBo) David for his work on the VM and watching over my shoulder as I code giving the impression of distance eXtreme programming.

Chris Uzdavinis for feeding in comments and valuable suggestions as well as editing the documentation.

Carsten Stoll, for his work on dynamic parsers.

Andy Elvey and his conifer parser.

Bruce Florman, who did the original v1.0 port to VC++.

Jeff Westfahl for porting the loop parsers to v1.5 and contributing the file iterator.

Peter Simons for the RFC date parser example and tutorial plus helping out with some nitty gritty details.

Markus Schöpflin for suggesting the end_p parser and lots of other nifty things and his active presence in the mailing list.

Doug Gregor for mentoring and his ability to see things that others don't.

David Abrahams for giving Joel a job that allows him to still work on Spirit, plus countless advice and help on C++ and specifically template metaprogramming.

Aleksey Gurtovoy for his MPL library from which we stole many metaprogramming tricks especially for less conforming compilers such as Borland and VC6/7.

Gustavo Guerra for his last minute review of Spirit and constant feedback, plus patches here and there (e.g. proposing the new dot behavior of the real numerics parsers).

Nicola Musatti, Paul Snively, Alisdair Meredith and Hugo Duncan for testing and sending in various patches.

Steve Rowe for his splendid work on the TSTs that will soon be taken into Spirit.

Jonathan de Halleux for his work on actors.

Angus Leeming for last minute editing work on the 1.8.0 release documentation, his work on Phoenix and his active presence in the Spirit mailing list.

Joao Abecasis for his active presence in the Spirit mailing list, providing user support, participating in the discussions and so on.

Guillaume Melquiond for a last minute patch to multi_pass for 1.8.1.

Peder Holt for his porting work on Phoenix, Fusion and Spirit to VC6.

To Joel's wife Mariel who did the graphics in this document.

My, there's a lot in this list! And it's a continuing list. We add people to this list every time. We hope we did not forget anyone. If we missed someone you know who has helped in any way, please inform us.

Special thanks also to people who gave feedback and valuable comments, particularly members of Boost and Spirit mailing lists. This includes all those who participated in the review:

John Maddock, our review manager, Aleksey Gurtovoy, Andre Hentz, Beman Dawes, Carl Daniel, Christopher Currie, Dan Gohman, Dan Nuffer, Daryle Walker, David Abrahams, David B. Held, Dirk Gerrits, Douglas Gregor, Hartmut Kaiser, Iain K.Hanson, Juan Carlos Arevalo-Baeza, Larry Evans, Martin Wille, Mattias Flodin, Noah Stein, Nuno Lucas, Peter Dimov, Peter Simons, Petr Kocmid, Ross Smith, Scott Kirkwood, Steve Cleary, Thorsten Ottosen, Tom Wenisch, Vladimir Prus

Finally thanks to SourceForge for hosting the Spirit project and Boost: a C++ community comprised of extremely talented library authors who participate in the discussion and peer review of well crafted C++ libraries.