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regex_format (Deprecated)

The algorithm regex_format is deprecated; new code should use match_results<>::format instead. Existing code will continue to compile, the following documentation is taken from the previous version of Boost.Regex and will not be further updated:

Algorithm regex_format
#include <boost/regex.hpp>

The algorithm regex_format takes the results of a match and creates a new string based upon a format string, regex_format can be used for search and replace operations:

template <class OutputIterator, class iterator, class Allocator, class Formatter>
OutputIterator regex_format(OutputIterator out,
                           const match_results<iterator, Allocator>& m,
                           Formatter fmt,
                           match_flag_type flags = 0);

The library also defines the following convenience variation of regex_format, which returns the result directly as a string, rather than outputting to an iterator.

[Note] Note

This version may not be available, or may be available in a more limited form, depending upon your compilers capabilities

template <class iterator, class Allocator, class Formatter>
std::basic_string<charT> regex_format
                                 (const match_results<iterator, Allocator>& m,
                                 Formatter fmt,
                                 match_flag_type flags = 0);

Parameters to the main version of the function are passed as follows:



OutputIterator out

An output iterator type, the output string is sent to this iterator. Typically this would be a std::ostream_iterator.

const match_results<iterator, Allocator>& m

An instance of match_results obtained from one of the matching algorithms above, and denoting what matched.

Formatter fmt

Either a format string that determines how the match is transformed into the new string, or a functor that computes the new string from m - see match_results<>::format.

unsigned flags

Optional flags which describe how the format string is to be interpreted.

Format flags are described under match_flag_type.

The format string syntax (and available options) is described more fully under format strings.