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Header <boost/core/uncaught_exceptions.hpp>


  • Andrey Semashev

The header <boost/core/uncaught_exceptions.hpp> defines the boost::core::uncaught_exceptions function, which is a more portable implementation of the same named function introduced in C++17. The function returns the number of the currently pending exceptions. When that function returns a value greater than 0, throwing an exception from a destructor can terminate the program.

Unfortunately, the function cannot be implemented on every pre-C++17 compiler, although the most commonly used compilers are supported. When the compiler does not provide the necessary functionality, boost::core::uncaught_exceptions returns a non-zero value if at least one exception is pending (i.e. not necessarily the number of pending exceptions), and BOOST_CORE_UNCAUGHT_EXCEPTIONS_EMULATED macro is defined.

class my_class
    const unsigned int m_exception_count;

    my_class() : m_exception_count(boost::core::uncaught_exceptions())

    ~my_class() noexcept(false)
        if (m_exception_count == boost::core::uncaught_exceptions())