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Type level

boost::mpi::threading::level — specify the supported threading level.


// In header: <boost/mpi/environment.hpp>

enum level { single = = MPI_THREAD_SINGLE, funneled = = MPI_THREAD_FUNNELED, 
             serialized = = MPI_THREAD_SERIALIZED, 
             multiple = = MPI_THREAD_MULTIPLE };


Based on MPI 2 standard/8.7.3


Only one thread will execute.


Only main thread will do MPI calls.

The process may be multi-threaded, but only the main thread will make MPI calls (all MPI calls are `<lsquo></lsquo>funneled<rsquo></rsquo>' to the main thread).


Only one thread at the time do MPI calls.

The process may be multi-threaded, and multiple threads may make MPI calls, but only one at a time: MPI calls are not made concurrently from two distinct threads (all MPI calls are `<lsquo></lsquo>serialized<rsquo></rsquo>').


Multiple thread may do MPI calls.

Multiple threads may call MPI, with no restrictions.