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boost::numeric::ublas::container_view_traits< E > Struct Template Reference

Traits class to extract type information from a constant matrix or vector CONTAINER. More...

Inherited by boost::numeric::ublas::container_traits< E >.

List of all members.

Public Types

typedef E::size_type size_type
 type of indices
typedef E::difference_type difference_type
 type of differences of indices
typedef E::storage_category storage_category
 storage category: unknown_storage_tag, dense_tag, packed_tag, ...
typedef E::value_type value_type
 type of elements
typedef E::const_reference const_reference
 const reference to an element
typedef E::const_closure_type const_closure_type
 type used in expressions to mark a reference to this class (usually a const container_reference<const E> or the class itself)

Detailed Description

template<class E>
struct boost::numeric::ublas::container_view_traits< E >

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