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boost::numeric::ublas::zero_vector< T, ALLOC > Class Template Reference

A zero vector of type T and a given size A zero vector of type T and a given size. This is a virtual vector in the sense that no memory is allocated for storing the zero values: it still acts like any other vector. However assigning values to it will not change the zero vector into a normal vector. It must first be assigned to another normal vector by any suitable means. Its memory footprint is constant.

Inherits vector_container< zero_vector< T, ALLOC > >.

List of all members.


class  const_iterator

Public Types

typedef ALLOC::size_type size_type
typedef ALLOC::difference_type difference_type
typedef T value_type
typedef const T & const_reference
typedef T & reference
typedef const vector_reference
< const self_type
typedef vector_reference
< self_type
typedef sparse_tag storage_category
typedef const_iterator iterator
typedef reverse_iterator_base
< const_iterator

Public Member Functions

BOOST_UBLAS_INLINE zero_vector (size_type size)
BOOST_UBLAS_INLINE zero_vector (const zero_vector &v)
BOOST_UBLAS_INLINE size_type size () const
BOOST_UBLAS_INLINE void resize (size_type size, bool=true)
BOOST_UBLAS_INLINE const_pointer find_element (size_type i) const
BOOST_UBLAS_INLINE const_reference operator() (size_type) const
BOOST_UBLAS_INLINE const_reference operator[] (size_type i) const
BOOST_UBLAS_INLINE zero_vectoroperator= (const zero_vector &v)
BOOST_UBLAS_INLINE zero_vectorassign_temporary (zero_vector &v)
BOOST_UBLAS_INLINE void swap (zero_vector &v)
BOOST_UBLAS_INLINE const_iterator find (size_type) const
BOOST_UBLAS_INLINE const_iterator begin () const
BOOST_UBLAS_INLINE const_iterator end () const
rbegin () const
rend () const
template<class Archive >
void serialize (Archive &ar, const unsigned int)


BOOST_UBLAS_INLINE friend void swap (zero_vector &v1, zero_vector &v2)

template<class T, class ALLOC>
class boost::numeric::ublas::zero_vector< T, ALLOC >

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