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The TTI library came out of my effort to take the type_traits_ext part of the unfinished Concept Traits Library and expand it. So my first thanks go to Terje Slettebo and Tobias Schwinger, the authors of the CTL. I have taken, and hopefully improved upon, the ideas and implementation in that library, and added some new functionality.

I would also like to thank Joel Falcou for his help and his introspection work.

Two of the introspection templates are taken from the MPL and lifted into my library under a different name for the sake of completeness, so I would like to thank Aleksey Gurtovoy and David Abrahams for that library, and Daniel Walker for work on those MPL introspection macros.

Finally thanks to Anthony Williams for supplying a workaround for a Visual C++ bug which is needed for introspecting member data where the type of the member data is a compound type.