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Header <boost/test/data/monomorphic/singleton.hpp>

Defines single element monomorphic dataset.

namespace boost {
  namespace unit_test {
    namespace data {
      monomorphic::singleton< char * > make(char * str);
      monomorphic::singleton< char const * > make(char const * str);
      template<typename T> 
        std::enable_if<!is_container_forward_iterable< T >::value &&!monomorphic::is_dataset< T >::value &&!boost::is_array< typenameboost::remove_reference< T >::type >::value, monomorphic::singleton< T > >::type 
        make(T && v);
      namespace monomorphic {
        template<typename T> struct is_dataset<singleton< T >>;

        template<typename T> class singleton;