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Function template make

boost::unit_test::data::make — Creates a dataset from a value, a collection or an array.


// In header: <boost/test/data/monomorphic/fwd.hpp>

template<typename DataSet> 
  std::enable_if< monomorphic::is_dataset< DataSet >::value, DataSet >::type 
  make(DataSet && ds);


This function has several overloads:

// returns ds if ds is already a dataset
template <typename DataSet> DataSet make(DataSet&& ds); 

// creates a singleton dataset, for non forward iterable and non dataset type T
// (a C string is not considered as a sequence).
template <typename T> monomorphic::singleton<T> make(T&& v); 
monomorphic::singleton<char*> make( char* str );
monomorphic::singleton<char const*> make( char const* str );

// creates a collection dataset, for forward iterable and non dataset type C
template <typename C> monomorphic::collection<C> make(C && c);

// creates an array dataset
template<typename T, std::size_t size> monomorphic::array<T> make( T (&a)[size] );