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Class template fast_pool_allocator<void, UserAllocator, Mutex, NextSize, MaxSize>

boost::fast_pool_allocator<void, UserAllocator, Mutex, NextSize, MaxSize> — Specialization of fast_pool_allocator<void>.


// In header: <boost/pool/pool_alloc.hpp>

template<typename UserAllocator, typename Mutex, unsigned NextSize, 
         unsigned MaxSize> 
class fast_pool_allocator<void, UserAllocator, Mutex, NextSize, MaxSize> {
  // types
  typedef void *       pointer;      
  typedef const void * const_pointer;
  typedef void         value_type;   

  // member classes/structs/unions

  // Nested class rebind allows for transformation from fast_pool_allocator<T> to fast_pool_allocator<underline>. </underline>
  template<typename U> 
  struct rebind {
    // types
    typedef fast_pool_allocator< U, UserAllocator, Mutex, NextSize, MaxSize > other;


Specialization of fast_pool_allocator<void> required to make the allocator standard-conforming.