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Boost Multi-index Containers Library

The Boost Multi-index Containers Library provides a class template named multi_index_container which enables the construction of containers maintaining one or more indices with different sorting and access semantics. Indices provide interfaces similar to those of STL containers, making using them familiar. The concept of multi-indexing over the same collection of elements is borrowed from relational database terminology and allows for the specification of complex data structures in the spirit of multiply indexed relational tables where simple sets and maps are not enough. A wide selection of indices is provided, modeled after analogous STL containers like std::set, std::list and std::unordered_set.

Boost.MultiIndex features additional functionalities, like subobject searching, range querying, in-place updating of elements and calculation of ranks, which make it a convenient replacement for std::set and set::multiset even when no multi-indexing capabilities are needed.

The versatile nature of Boost.MultiIndex allows for the specification of a wide spectrum of different data structures. The following are possible examples of use developed in the documentation:


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