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Class template basic_debug_output_backend

boost::log::sinks::basic_debug_output_backend — An implementation of a logging sink backend that outputs to the debugger.


// In header: <boost/log/sinks/debug_output_backend.hpp>

template<typename CharT> 
class basic_debug_output_backend :
  public basic_formatted_sink_backend< CharT, concurrent_feeding >
  // types
  typedef base_type::char_type   char_type;    // Character type. 
  typedef base_type::string_type string_type;  // String type to be used as a message text holder. 

  // construct/copy/destruct

  // public member functions
  void consume(record_view const &, string_type const &);


The sink uses Windows API in order to write log records as debug messages, if the application process is run under debugger. The sink backend also provides a specific filter that allows to check whether the debugger is available and thus elide unnecessary formatting.

basic_debug_output_backend public construct/copy/destruct

  1. basic_debug_output_backend();

    Constructor. Initializes the sink backend.

  2. ~basic_debug_output_backend();


basic_debug_output_backend public member functions

  1. void consume(record_view const & rec, string_type const & formatted_message);

    The method passes the formatted message to debugger