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Function format_named_scope



// In header: <boost/log/expressions/formatters/named_scope.hpp>

template<typename... ArgsT> 
  unspecified format_named_scope(attribute_name const & name, 
                                 ArgsT... const & args);
template<typename DescriptorT, template< typename > class ActorT, 
         typename... ArgsT> 
  unspecified format_named_scope(attribute_keyword< DescriptorT, ActorT > const & keyword, 
                                 ArgsT... const & args);
template<typename T, typename FallbackPolicyT, typename TagT, 
         template< typename > class ActorT, typename... ArgsT> 
  unspecified format_named_scope(attribute_actor< T, FallbackPolicyT, TagT, ActorT > const & placeholder, 
                                 ArgsT... const & args);


Formatter generator. Construct the named scope formatter with the specified formatting parameters.



An set of named parameters. Supported parameters:

  • format - A format string for named scopes. The string can contain "%n", "%f" and "%l" placeholders for the scope name, file and line number, respectively. This parameter is mandatory.

  • delimiter - A string that is used to delimit the formatted scope names. Default: "->" or "<-", depending on the iteration direction.

  • incomplete_marker - A string that is used to indicate that the list was printed incomplete because of depth limitation. Default: "...".

  • empty_marker - A string that is output in case if the scope list is empty. Default: "", i.e. nothing is output.

  • iteration - Iteration direction, see scope_iteration_direction enumeration. Default: forward.

  • depth - Iteration depth. Default: unlimited.


Attribute name