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I would like to thank CEO Hermann Steppe and Chief Developer Peter Wuttke of Cortex Software GmbH for their friendly support of my work on the Icl and their permission to release the library as open source. For her genuine interest in my work and many creative and uplifting talks I want to thank my colleague Axinja Ott who contributed a lot to the success of the project.

Many thanks to Paul A. Bristow, Vicente Botet, Luke Simonson, Alp Mestan, David Abrahams, Steven Watanabe, Neal Becker, Phil Endecott, Robert Stewart, Jeff Flinn, Zachary Turner and other developers form the Boost community who supported the development of the Interval Template Library by numerous hints and feedbacks on the boost mailing list. Also helpful have been conversations, hints and contributions at the BoostCon 2009 by Jeff Garland, David Jenkins, Tobias Loew, Barend Gehrels, Luke Simonson and Hartmut Kaiser. Special thanks for reading and improving this documentation to Neal Becker, Ilya Bobir and Brian Wood. Jeff Flinn provided valuable feedback and a codepatch to fix portability problems with CodeWarrior 9.4. Many thanks for that.

I am grateful to Hartmut Kaiser for managing the formal review of this library and to all the reviewers and participants in the related discussions, including Jeff Flinn, Luke Simonson, Phil Endecott, Eric M. Jonas, Peter Wuttke, Robert Stewart, Barend Gehrels, Vicente Botet, Thomas Klimpel, Paul A. Bristow, Jerry Jeremiah, John Reid, Steven Watanabe, Brian Wood, Markus Werle and Michael Caisse.

For sending in bug reports, code patches and suggestions for improvements after the review thanks to Denis and Marvin Sielenkemper.