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Parallel BGL Concept Global Descriptor



A global descriptor is an object that represents an entity that is owned by some process and may reside in an address space not accessible to the currently-executing process. The global descriptor consists of two parts: the owner of the entity, which is the identifier of that process in which the entity resides, and a local descriptor, that uniquely identifies the entity with the address space of the owner.

Refinement of


A type that models the Global Descriptor concept.
Object of type X

Associated types

Process ID type process_id_type Determined by the process group associated with type X.
Local descriptor type local_type Determined by the data structure the descriptor accesses. Must model Equality Comparable and Copy Constructible.

Valid Expressions

Name Expression Type Semantics
Owner owner(x) process_id_type Returns the owner of x.
Local descriptor local(x) local_type Returns the local descriptor uniquely identifying x.

Copyright (C) 2005 The Trustees of Indiana University.

Authors: Douglas Gregor and Andrew Lumsdaine