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// non-named parameter version
template<typename Graph, typename PositionMap, typename Topology>
random_graph_layout(const Graph& g, PositionMap position_map,
                    const Topology& space);

This algorithm places the points of the graph at random locations within a given space.

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IN: const Graph& g
The graph object on which the algorithm will be applied. The type Graph must be a model of Vertex And Edge List Graph.
IN/OUT: PositionMap position
The property map that stores the position of each vertex. The type PositionMap must be a model of Lvalue Property Map such that the vertex descriptor type of Graph is convertible to its key type. Its value type must be Topology::point_type, representing the coordinates of the vertex.
IN: const Topology& space
The topology used to lay out the vertices. This parameter describes both the size and shape of the layout area and provides a random number generator used to create random positions within the space. Topologies are described in more detail (with a list of BGL-provided topologies) in separate documentation.


The time complexity is O(|V|).

Copyright © 2004, 2010 Doug Gregor, Indiana University