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Boost.Flyweight Reference


Header summary

Boost.Flyweight comprises the following public headers:


In order to use the serialization capabilities of Boost.Flyweight, the appropriate Boost.Serialization library module must be linked. Other than that, Boost.Flyweight is a header-only library, requiring no additional object modules. The default simple_locking locking policy introduces a dependency on the Pthreads library on those POSIX-compliant environments where the Boost.Config macro BOOST_HAS_PTHREADS is set.

Header "boost/flyweight.hpp" synopsis

#include <boost/flyweight/flyweight.hpp>
#include <boost/flyweight/hashed_factory.hpp>
#include <boost/flyweight/refcounted.hpp>
#include <boost/flyweight/simple_locking.hpp>
#include <boost/flyweight/static_holder.hpp>

This convenience header includes the main class template flyweight along with the default components used by flyweight.

Revised September 1st 2014

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