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A list of tokens in a comma separated HTTP field value.


Defined in header <boost/beast/http/rfc7230.hpp>

using opt_token_list = detail::basic_parsed_list< detail::opt_token_list_policy >;

This container allows iteration of a list of items in a header field value. The input is a comma separated list of tokens.

If a parsing error is encountered while iterating the string, the behavior of the container will be as if a string containing only characters up to but excluding the first invalid character was used to construct the list.

token-list  = *( "," OWS ) token *( OWS "," [ OWS token ] )

To use this class, construct with the string to be parsed and then use begin and end, or range-for to iterate each item:

for ( auto const & token : token_list{ "apple, pear, banana" })
    std::cout << token << "\n" ;