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spawn (9 of 13 overloads)

(Deprecated: Use overloads with a completion token.) Start a new stackful coroutine, inheriting the execution context of another.

    typename Executor,
    typename Function>
void spawn(
    basic_yield_context< Executor > ctx,
    Function && function,
    const boost::coroutines::attributes & attributes = boost::coroutines::attributes());

This function is used to launch a new coroutine.



Identifies the current coroutine as a parent of the new coroutine. This specifies that the new coroutine should inherit the execution context of the parent. For example, if the parent coroutine is executing in a particular strand, then the new coroutine will execute in the same strand.


The coroutine function. The function must have the signature:

void function(basic_yield_context<Executor> yield);

Boost.Coroutine attributes used to customise the coroutine.