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Class gregorian_calendar

boost::gregorian::gregorian_calendar — Gregorian calendar for this implementation, hard work in the base.


// In header: <boost/date_time/gregorian/greg_calendar.hpp>

class gregorian_calendar : public date_time::gregorian_calendar_base< greg_year_month_day, fancy_date_rep::int_type >
  // types
  typedef greg_weekday         day_of_week_type;  // Type to hold a weekday (eg: Sunday, Monday,...) 
  typedef greg_day_of_year_rep day_of_year_type;  // Counter type from 1 to 366 for gregorian dates. 
  typedef fancy_date_rep       date_rep_type;     // Internal date representation that handles infinity, not a date. 
  typedef fancy_date_rep       date_traits_type;  // Date rep implements the traits stuff as well.