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Class template day_calc_dst_rule

boost::date_time::day_calc_dst_rule — Canonical form for a class that provides day rule calculation.


// In header: <boost/date_time/dst_transition_generators.hpp>

template<typename spec> 
class day_calc_dst_rule :
  public boost::date_time::dst_day_calc_rule< spec::date_type >
  // types
  typedef spec::date_type      date_type; 
  typedef date_type::year_type year_type; 
  typedef spec::start_rule     start_rule;
  typedef spec::end_rule       end_rule;  

  // construct/copy/destruct
  day_calc_dst_rule(start_rule, end_rule);

  // public member functions
  virtual date_type start_day(year_type) const;
  virtual std::string start_rule_as_string() const;
  virtual date_type end_day(year_type) const;
  virtual std::string end_rule_as_string() const;


This class is used to generate specific sets of dst rules

Template Parameters

  1. typename spec

    Provides a specifiction of the function object types used to generate start and end days of daylight savings as well as the date type.

day_calc_dst_rule public construct/copy/destruct

  1. day_calc_dst_rule(start_rule dst_start, end_rule dst_end);

day_calc_dst_rule public member functions

  1. virtual date_type start_day(year_type y) const;
  2. virtual std::string start_rule_as_string() const;
  3. virtual date_type end_day(year_type y) const;
  4. virtual std::string end_rule_as_string() const;