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Struct template insert_return_type_base



// In header: <boost/container/node_handle.hpp>

template<typename Iterator, typename NodeType> 
struct insert_return_type_base {
  // construct/copy/destruct
  insert_return_type_base(insert_return_type_base &&);
  template<typename RelatedIt, typename RelatedNode> 
    insert_return_type_base(bool, RelatedIt, RelatedNode &&);
  insert_return_type_base & operator=(insert_return_type_base &&);

  // public data members
  bool inserted;
  Iterator position;
  NodeType node;


A class template used to describe the results of inserting a Container::node_type in a Container with unique keys. Includes at least the following non-static public data members:

  • bool inserted;

  • Iterator position;

  • NodeType node

This type is MoveConstructible, MoveAssignable, DefaultConstructible, Destructible, and lvalues of that type are swappable

insert_return_type_base public construct/copy/destruct

  1. insert_return_type_base();
  2. insert_return_type_base(insert_return_type_base && other);
  3. template<typename RelatedIt, typename RelatedNode> 
      insert_return_type_base(bool insert, RelatedIt it, RelatedNode && n);
  4. insert_return_type_base & operator=(insert_return_type_base && other);