class  boost::locale::basic_format< CharType >
 a printf like class that allows type-safe and locale aware message formatting More...


typedef basic_format< char > boost::locale::format
 Definition of char based format.
typedef basic_format< wchar_t > boost::locale::wformat
 Definition of wchar_t based format.
typedef basic_format< char8_t > boost::locale::u8format
 Definition of char8_t based format.
typedef basic_format< char16_t > boost::locale::u16format
 Definition of char16_t based format.
typedef basic_format< char32_t > boost::locale::u32format
 Definition of char32_t based format.


template<typename CharType >
std::basic_ostream< CharType > & boost::locale::operator<< (std::basic_ostream< CharType > &out, const basic_format< CharType > &fmt)

Detailed Description

This module provides printf like functionality integrated into iostreams and suitable for localization

Function Documentation

◆ operator<<()

template<typename CharType >
std::basic_ostream< CharType > & boost::locale::operator<< ( std::basic_ostream< CharType > &  out,
const basic_format< CharType > &  fmt 

Write formatted message to stream.

This operator actually causes actual text formatting. It uses the locale of out stream