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//  (C) Copyright Gennadiy Rozental 2001.
//  Distributed under the Boost Software License, Version 1.0.
//  (See accompanying file LICENSE_1_0.txt or copy at

//  See for the library home page.
/// @file
/// @brief Contains the formatter for the Human Readable Format (HRF)
// ***************************************************************************


// Boost.Test
#include <boost/test/detail/global_typedef.hpp>
#include <boost/test/unit_test_log_formatter.hpp>

#include <boost/test/utils/setcolor.hpp>

#include <boost/test/detail/suppress_warnings.hpp>


namespace boost {
namespace unit_test {
namespace output {

// ************************************************************************** //
// **************             compiler_log_formatter           ************** //
// ************************************************************************** //

//!@brief Log formatter for the Human Readable Format (HRF) log format
class BOOST_TEST_DECL compiler_log_formatter : public unit_test_log_formatter {
    compiler_log_formatter() : m_color_output( false ), m_color_state() {}

    // Formatter interface
    void    log_start( std::ostream&, counter_t test_cases_amount ) BOOST_OVERRIDE;
    void    log_finish( std::ostream& ) BOOST_OVERRIDE;
    void    log_build_info( std::ostream&, bool ) BOOST_OVERRIDE;

    void    test_unit_start( std::ostream&, test_unit const& tu ) BOOST_OVERRIDE;
    void    test_unit_finish( std::ostream&, test_unit const& tu, unsigned long elapsed ) BOOST_OVERRIDE;
    void    test_unit_skipped( std::ostream&, test_unit const& tu, const_string reason ) BOOST_OVERRIDE;

    void    log_exception_start( std::ostream&, log_checkpoint_data const&, execution_exception const& ex ) BOOST_OVERRIDE;
    void    log_exception_finish( std::ostream& ) BOOST_OVERRIDE;

    void    log_entry_start( std::ostream&, log_entry_data const&, log_entry_types let ) BOOST_OVERRIDE;
    void    log_entry_value( std::ostream&, const_string value ) BOOST_OVERRIDE;
    void    log_entry_value( std::ostream&, lazy_ostream const& value ) BOOST_OVERRIDE;
    void    log_entry_finish( std::ostream& ) BOOST_OVERRIDE;

    void    entry_context_start( std::ostream&, log_level ) BOOST_OVERRIDE;
    void    log_entry_context( std::ostream&, log_level l, const_string ) BOOST_OVERRIDE;
    void    entry_context_finish( std::ostream&, log_level l ) BOOST_OVERRIDE;

    virtual void    print_prefix( std::ostream&, const_string file, std::size_t line );

    // Data members
    bool    m_color_output;
    utils::setcolor::state m_color_state;

} // namespace output
} // namespace unit_test
} // namespace boost

#include <boost/test/detail/enable_warnings.hpp>