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/* Copyright 2016-2020 Joaquin M Lopez Munoz.
 * Distributed under the Boost Software License, Version 1.0.
 * (See accompanying file LICENSE_1_0.txt or copy at
 * See for library home page.


#if defined(_MSC_VER)
#pragma once

#include <cstddef>
#include <memory>
#include <utility>

namespace boost{

namespace poly_collection{

namespace detail{

/* Internal *virtual* interface of segment<Model,Allocator> (please note that
 * a non-virtual interface exists accessible through downcasting). Member
 * functions have been defined to minimize virtual function calls according to
 * usage patterns by poly_collection. For instance, ranges are returned rather
 * than iterators to allow for caching of and end sentinel at a higher level.
 * Passed elements are type erased with [const_]value_pointer.

template<typename Model,typename Allocator>
struct segment_backend
  using segment_backend_unique_ptr=
  using value_pointer=void*;
  using const_value_pointer=const void*;
  using base_iterator=typename Model::base_iterator;
  using const_base_iterator=typename Model::const_base_iterator;
  template<typename T>
  using const_iterator=typename Model::template const_iterator<T>;
  using base_sentinel=typename Model::base_sentinel;
  using range=std::pair<base_iterator,base_sentinel>;

  segment_backend(const segment_backend&)=delete;
  segment_backend& operator=(const segment_backend&)=delete;

  virtual                            ~segment_backend()=default;
  virtual segment_backend_unique_ptr copy()const=0;
  virtual segment_backend_unique_ptr copy(const Allocator&)const=0;
  virtual segment_backend_unique_ptr empty_copy(const Allocator&)const=0;
  virtual segment_backend_unique_ptr move(const Allocator&)=0;
  virtual bool                       equal(const segment_backend&)const=0;

  virtual Allocator     get_allocator()const noexcept=0;
  virtual base_iterator begin()const noexcept=0;
  virtual base_iterator end()const noexcept=0;
  virtual bool          empty()const noexcept=0;
  virtual std::size_t   size()const noexcept=0;
  virtual std::size_t   max_size()const noexcept=0;
  virtual std::size_t   capacity()const noexcept=0;
  virtual base_sentinel reserve(std::size_t)=0;
  virtual base_sentinel shrink_to_fit()=0;
  virtual range         push_back(const_value_pointer)=0;
  virtual range         push_back_move(value_pointer)=0;
  virtual range         insert(const_base_iterator,const_value_pointer)=0;
  virtual range         insert_move(const_base_iterator,value_pointer)=0;
  virtual range         erase(const_base_iterator)=0;
  virtual range         erase(const_base_iterator,const_base_iterator)=0;
  virtual range         erase_till_end(const_base_iterator)=0;
  virtual range         erase_from_begin(const_base_iterator)=0;
  virtual base_sentinel clear()noexcept=0;

} /* namespace poly_collection::detail */

} /* namespace poly_collection */

} /* namespace boost */