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My Understanding of how maintenance works
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The experience of the maintenance of Boost Phoenix during 2014 and 2015.

This section is being used to set out the maintenance policy for Boost Phoenix and how it is being carried out. One reason for doing this is that in January 2015 there is a lot of discussion within Boost about how best to do this. There are also a number of issues for which the answers are not clear to me and I am going to set those out here.

Phoenix is a complicated library and the current version 3 is built on two other libraries Boost.Proto and Boost.Fusion which are themselves quite complicated. Version 3 of Phoenix is a rebuilding of the previous version using Boost.Proto.

There are two ways to work with Phoenix.

Unfortunately, while most things now work, there are a number of subtle bugs where things do not work as expected, and that is the challenge which is there for the maintainer who did not write any version of the library.

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John Fletcher

January and February 2015