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The Graph concept contains a few requirements that are common to all the graph concepts. These include some associated types for vertex_descriptor, edge_descriptor, etc. One should note that a model of Graph is not required to be a model of Assignable, so algorithms should pass graph objects by reference.


G A type that is a model of Graph.
g An object of type G.

Associated Types

A vertex descriptor corresponds to a unique vertex in an abstract graph instance. A vertex descriptor must be Default Constructible, Assignable, and Equality Comparable.
An edge descriptor corresponds to a unique edge (u,v) in a graph. An edge descriptor must be Default Constructible, Assignable, and Equality Comparable.
This type shall be convertible to directed_tag or undirected_tag.
This describes whether the graph class allows the insertion of parallel edges (edges with the same source and target). The two tags are allow_parallel_edge_tag and disallow_parallel_edge_tag.
This describes the ways in which the vertices and edges of the graph can be visited. The choices are incidence_graph_tag, adjacency_graph_tag, bidirectional_graph_tag, vertex_list_graph_tag, edge_list_graph_tag, and adjacency_matrix_tag. You can also create your own tag which should inherit from one or more of the above.

Valid Expressions

Returns a special boost::graph_traits<G>::vertex_descriptor object which does not refer to any vertex of graph object which type is G.

Concept Checking Class

  template <class G>
  struct GraphConcept
    typedef typename boost::graph_traits<G>::vertex_descriptor vertex_descriptor;
    typedef typename boost::graph_traits<G>::edge_descriptor edge_descriptor;
    typedef typename boost::graph_traits<G>::directed_category directed_category;
    typedef typename boost::graph_traits<G>::edge_parallel_category edge_parallel_category;
    typedef typename boost::graph_traits<G>::traversal_category traversal_category;

    void constraints() {
      BOOST_CONCEPT_ASSERT(( DefaultConstructibleConcept<vertex_descriptor> ));
      BOOST_CONCEPT_ASSERT(( EqualityComparableConcept<vertex_descriptor> ));
      BOOST_CONCEPT_ASSERT(( AssignableConcept<vertex_descriptor> ));
      BOOST_CONCEPT_ASSERT(( DefaultConstructibleConcept<edge_descriptor> ));
      BOOST_CONCEPT_ASSERT(( EqualityComparableConcept<edge_descriptor> ));
      BOOST_CONCEPT_ASSERT(( AssignableConcept<edge_descriptor> ));
    G g;

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