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Struct graph_traits<mpi::graph_communicator>

boost::graph_traits<mpi::graph_communicator> — Traits structure that allows a communicator with graph topology to be view as a graph by the Boost Graph Library.


// In header: <boost/mpi/graph_communicator.hpp>

struct graph_traits<mpi::graph_communicator> {
  // types
  typedef int                        vertex_descriptor;     
  typedef std::pair< int, int >      edge_descriptor;       
  typedef directed_tag               directed_category;     
  typedef disallow_parallel_edge_tag edge_parallel_category;
  typedef unspecified                out_edge_iterator;     
  typedef int                        degree_size_type;      
  typedef unspecified                adjacency_iterator;    
  typedef counting_iterator< int >   vertex_iterator;       
  typedef int                        vertices_size_type;    
  typedef unspecified                edge_iterator;         
  typedef int                        edges_size_type;       

  // public static functions
  static vertex_descriptor null_vertex();


The specialization of graph_traits for an MPI communicator allows a communicator with graph topology to be viewed as a graph. An MPI communicator with graph topology meets the requirements of the Graph, Incidence Graph, Adjacency Graph, Vertex List Graph, and Edge List Graph concepts from the Boost Graph Library.

graph_traits public static functions

  1. static vertex_descriptor null_vertex();
    Returns a vertex descriptor that can never refer to any valid vertex.