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ToolBox extension


ToolBox provides collection of Boost.GIL extensions which are too small to be maintained as standalone extensions.


  • Color converters: Gray to RGBA
  • Color spaces: CMYKA, Gray with Alpha, HSL, HSV, Lab, XYZ
  • Metafunctions:
    • channel_type
    • channel_type_to_index
    • get_num_bits
    • get_pixel_type
    • is_bit_aligned
    • is_homogeneous
    • is_similar
    • pixel_bit_size
  • Image types:
    • indexed_image

This extension will hopefully be added on by the community.

Since the extension is header-only, user just needs to include its main header #include <boost/gil/extension/toolbox.hpp>.

All definitions of the toolbox belong to the boost::gil namespace.

Folder Structure

The toolbox structured in the following sub-directories:

  • color_converters
  • color_spaces
  • metafunctions
  • image_types


Thanks to all the people who have reviewed this library and made suggestions for improvements.


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