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I'm very gratefull to all the people who helped with the development, by discussion, fixes, and as users. It was pleasant to see all that involvement, which made the library much better than it would be otherwise.

In the early stages, the library was affected by discussions with Gennadiy Rozental, William Kempf and Alexander Okhotin.

Hartmut Kaiser was the first person to try the library on his project and send a number of suggestions and fixes.

The formal review lead to numerous comments and enhancements. Pavol Droba helped with the option description semantic. Gennadiy Rozental has criticised many aspects of the library which caused various simplifications. Pavel Vozenilek did carefull review of the implementation. A number of comments were made by:

Doug Gregor and Reece Dunn helped to resolve the issues with Boostbook version of the documentation.

Even after review, a number of people have helped with further development: