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Release notes

Boost 1.76
Boost 1.74
Boost 1.73
Boost 1.72
Boost 1.71
Boost 1.70
Boost 1.69
Boost 1.67
Boost 1.66
Boost 1.65
  • Worked around GCC bug affecting GCC versions 9.3-10.2 (issue #20).
  • Fixed internal ambiguity problem between boost::type_erasure::any and boost::any (issue #17).
  • Maintenance work.
  • Suppressed a potential redundant move warning in boost::poly_collection::for_each.
  • Fixed a bug by which elements were copied rather than moved in allocator-extended move construction and move assigment between collections with non-propagating, unequal allocators.
  • Allocator-extended move construction no longer decays to allocator-extended copy construction for the legacy version of libstdc++-v3 shipped with GCC 4.8 (which can also be used by Clang).
  • Maintenance work.
  • Maintenance work.
  • Improved handling of stateful allocators and allocator propagation traits, after an error reported by Billy O'Neal (PR#9).
  • Fixed a potentially serious bug with an internal cache structure.
  • Added Boost.PolyCollection-specific versions of algorithms std::for_each_n and std::sample.
  • Maintenance fixes.
  • Boost.PolyCollection has been backported to GCC 4.8 to 4.9 and Clang 3.3 to 3.6. The version of libstdc++-v3 shipped with GCC 4.8 (which can also be used by Clang) has deficiencies that result in the following limitations when using Boost.PolyCollection:
    • Stateful allocators are not properly supported.
    • Allocator-extended move construction decays to allocator-extended copy construction.
    • Copy construction crashes if an exception is thrown during element copying.
  • Maintenance fixes.
  • Initial release.