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This is the documentation for an old version of Boost. Click here to view this page for the latest version.


Tested compilers are:

On Windows: gcc versions 4.8 through 9.2. VC++ versions 8.0 through 14.2. clang targeting gcc versions 3.7 through 9.0 clang targeting VC++ versions 3.9 through 9.0

In Linux: gcc versions 4.4 through 9.2 clang versions 3.3 through 9.0 Intel C++ 12.1 throguh 19.0

Not all versions compile all tests successfully.

For VC++ 8.0 the BOOST_VMD_IS_EMPTY and BOOST_VMD_ASSERT_IS_EMPTY macros take a single parameter rather than variadic data because this version of VC++ does not accept variadic data which may be empty.

The compilers supported are those which are deemed to offer C99/C++11 variadic macro support for Boost PP as represented by the BOOST_PP_VARIADICS macro.