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template <typename ValueType, typename KeyType = void>
class static_property_map
This property map wraps a copy of some particular object, and returns a copy of that object whenever a key object is input.

Where Defined


Model of

Readable Property Map

Associated Types

boost::property_traits<static_property_map>::value_type This type is the ValueType with which the template was instantiated.
boost::property_traits<static_property_map>::key_type This type is the KeyType with which the template was instantiated.
boost::property_traits<static_property_map>::category This type is boost::readable_property_map_tag.

Member Functions

static_property_map(ValueType v) The constructor for static_property_map is provided the value that the property map will return when queried.
static_property_map(const static_property_map& x) Copy constructor.
template <typename T>
ValueType& operator[](T) const
Returns the contained value by copy.

Non-Member Functions

template <typename KeyType, typename ValueType>
static_property_map<KeyType, ValueType>
make_static_property_map(const ValueType& value);
Returns a static_property_map with the given key type initialized to the given value.