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shared_array_property_map<ValueType, OffsetMap>

This property map is an adaptor that contains a boost::shared_array and uses that array to store the property map's data. The resulting property map is a model of Lvalue Property Map. The OffsetMap type is responsible for converting key objects to integers that can be used as offsets into the array.

Where Defined


Model Of

Lvalue Property Map

Template Parameters

ValueType The value type of the property map.  
OffsetMap Must be a model of Readable Property Map and the value type must be convertible to std::size_t.  


In addition to the methods and functions required by Lvalue Property Map, this class has the following members.

This is the same type as ValueType.
shared_array_property_map(size_t n)
Constructor. Builds the property map with a size of n elements. The OffsetMap is default constructed.
shared_array_property_map(size_t n, OffsetMap m)
Constructor. Builds the property map with a size of n elements.

Non-Member functions

  template <class ValueType, class OffsetMap>
  shared_array_property_map<ValueType, OffsetMap>
  make_shared_array_property_map(size_t n, const ValueType&, OffsetMap omap)
A function for conveniently creating a shared array map.

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