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typedef boost::typed_identity_propoperty_map<std::size_t> boost::identity_property_map

The typed_identity_property_map property map applies the identity function, that is, it just returns a copy of the key object that was input. The key and value types are both the same as the template parameter T. The identity_property_map name is for the common case where the key and value type are std::size_t (this name is deprecated for use within Boost.Graph).

Note: Previously the function get() and operator[] for identity_property_map were overloaded to return a copy of keys of any type, i.e., not just size_t. These overloads are now deprecated, because they did not adhere to the property map concepts.

Where Defined


Model of

Readable Property Map

Template Parameters

Parameter Description Default
T Must be Copy Contructible  

Associated Types

boost::property_traits<typed_identity_property_map<T> >::value_type This type is T.
boost::property_traits<typed_identity_property_map<T> >::key_type This type is T.
boost::property_traits<typed_identity_property_map<T> >::reference This type is T..
boost::property_traits<typed_identity_property_map<T> >::category This type is boost::readable_property_map_tag.

Member Functions

typed_identity_property_map() Default constructor.
typed_identity_property_map(const typed_identity_property_map<T>& x) Copy constructor.
T operator[](const T& x) const Returns a copy of object x.

Non-Member Functions

T get(const typed_identity_property_map<T>& pmap, const T& x) Returns a copy of object x.

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