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    Copyright 2002,2004,2006 Joel de Guzman, Eric Niebler
    Copyright 2010-2011 Daniel James

    Distributed under the Boost Software License, Version 1.0.
    (See accompanying file LICENSE_1_0.txt or copy at

[part Quickbook
    [quickbook 1.6]
    [compatibility-mode 1.5]
    [id quickbook]
    [version 1.7]
    [authors [de Guzman, Joel], [Niebler, Eric]]
    [copyright 2002 2004 2006 Joel de Guzman, Eric Niebler]
    [copyright 2010-2017 Daniel James]
    [purpose /WikiWiki/ style documentation tool]
        Distributed under the Boost Software License, Version 1.0.
        (See accompanying file LICENSE_1_0.txt or copy at
    [source-mode teletype]

[/ Some links]

[def :-)            [$../src/images/smiley.png]]
[def __spirit__     [@ Spirit]]
[def __boostbook__  [@ BoostBook]]
[def __docbook__    [@ DocBook]]

[def __comments__           [link quickbook.ref.comments Comments]]

[def __font_styles__        [link quickbook.ref.font_styles Font Styles]]
[def __quotations__         [link quickbook.ref.quotations Quotations]]
[def __replaceable__        [link quickbook.ref.replaceable Replaceble]]
[def __simple_formatting__  [link quickbook.ref.simple_formatting Simple formatting]]
[def __inline_code__        [link quickbook.ref.inline_code Inline code]]
[def __code_blocks__        [link quickbook.ref.code_blocks Code blocks]]
[def __source_mode__        [link quickbook.ref.source_mode Source Mode]]
[def __line_break__         [link quickbook.ref.line_break line-break]]
[def __anchors__            [link quickbook.ref.anchors Anchors]]
[def __links__              [link quickbook.ref.links Links]]
[def __anchor_links__       [link quickbook.ref.anchor_links Anchor links]]
[def __refentry_links__     [link quickbook.ref.refentry_links refentry links]]
[def __code_links__         [link quickbook.ref.code_links function, class, member, enum, macro, concept or header links]]
[def __escape__             [link quickbook.ref.escape Escape]]
[def __single_char_escape__ [link quickbook.ref.single_char_escape Single char escape]]
[def __images__             [link quickbook.ref.images Images]]
[def __cond__               [link quickbook.ref.cond Conditional Generation]]

[def __document__           [link quickbook.ref.docinfo Document]]
[def __section__            [link quickbook.ref.section Section]]
[def __xinclude__           [link quickbook.ref.xinclude  xinclude]]
[def __paragraphs__         [link quickbook.ref.paragraphs Paragraphs]]
[def __ordered_lists__      [link quickbook.ref.ordered_lists Ordered lists]]
[def __list_hierarchies__   [link quickbook.ref.list_hierarchies List Hierarchies]]
[def __long_list_lines__    [link quickbook.ref.long_list_lines Long List Lines]]
[def __unordered_lists__    [link quickbook.ref.unordered_lists Unordered lists]]
[def __mixed_lists__        [link quickbook.ref.mixed_lists Mixed lists]]
[def __code__               [link quickbook.ref.code Code]]
[def __escape_back__        [link quickbook.ref.escape_back Escaping Back To QuickBook]]
[def __preformatted__       [link quickbook.ref.preformatted Preformatted]]
[def __blockquote__         [link quickbook.ref.blockquote Blockquote]]
[def __heading__            [link quickbook.ref.headings Heading]]
[def __macros__             [link quickbook.ref.macros Macros]]
[def __templates__          [link quickbook.ref.templates Templates]]
[def __predefined_macros__  [link quickbook.ref.predefined_macros Predefined Macros]]
[def __blurbs__             [link quickbook.ref.blurbs Blurbs]]
[def __admonitions__        [link quickbook.ref.admonitions Admonitions]]
[def __tables__             [link quickbook.ref.tables Tables]]
[def __variable_lists__     [link quickbook.ref.variable_lists Variable Lists]]
[def __include__            [link quickbook.ref.include Include]]
[def __import__             [link quickbook.ref.import Import]]

[include introduction.qbk]
[include change_log.qbk]
[include command_line.qbk]
[include syntax.qbk]
[include structure.qbk]
[include phrase.qbk]
[include block.qbk]
[include language_versions.qbk]
[include install.qbk]
[include editors.qbk]
[include faq.qbk]
[include ref.qbk]