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Command Line Reference

The following command line options are supported by AutoIndex:


Specifies the name of the XML input file to be indexed.


Specifies the name of the new XML file to create.


Specifies that source-filename should be scanned for terms to index.


Specifies the name of the script file to process.


If a term occurs more than once in the same section, then include only one index entry.


Specifies that AutoIndex should generate the actual indexes rather than inserting <indexterm>s and leaving index generation to the XSL stylesheets.


Prevents AutoIndex from using section names as index entries.


Specifies a directory to apply as a prefix to all relative file paths in the script file.


Specifies the name of the XML element to enclose internally generated indexes in: defaults to section, but could equally be appendix or chapter or some other block level element that has a formal title.