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template<class To, template<class...> class Op, class... Args>
using is_detected_convertible = is_convertible<detected_t<Op, Args...>, To>;

template<class To, template<class...> class Op, class... Args>
constexpr bool is_detected_convertible_v = is_detected_convertible<Op, Args...>::value;

C++ Standard Paper: N4502

Compiler Compatibility: Requires C++11 variadic templates and C++11 template aliases.

Header: #include <boost/type_traits/is_detected_convertible.hpp>

The type is_detected_convertible<To, Op, Args> is an alias for true_type if the result of Op<Args> is convertible to type To. Otherwise it's the type false_type;


template<class T>
using size_type_t = typename T::size_type;

static_assert(boost::is_detected_convertible_v<std::size_t, size_type_t, T>);

See also: is_detected, is_detected_exact.