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Bidirectional Iterator


A Bidirectional Iterator is a Forward Iterator that provides a way to obtain an iterator to the previous element in a sequence.

Refinement of

Forward Iterator


Expression requirements

In addition to the requirements defined in Forward Iterator, the following requirements must be met.

Expression Type Complexity
next<i>::type Bidirectional Iterator Amortized constant time
prior<i>::type Bidirectional Iterator Amortized constant time
i::category Integral Constant, convertible to bidirectional_iterator_tag Constant time

Expression semantics

typedef prior<i>::type j;
Precondition:i is decrementable
Semantics:j is an iterator pointing to the previous element of the sequence
Postcondition:j is dereferenceable and incrementable


For any bidirectional iterators i and j the following invariants always hold:

See also

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