Boost.Hana  1.6.0
Your standard library for metaprogramming
boost::hana::optional< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for boost::hana::optional< T >, including all inherited members.

is_justboost::hana::optional< T >related
is_nothingboost::hana::optional< T >related
justboost::hana::optional< T >related
make< optional_tag >boost::hana::optional< T >related
make_optionalboost::hana::optional< T >related
maybeboost::hana::optional< T >related
nothingboost::hana::optional< T >related
operator *()boost::hana::optional< T >
operator!=(X &&x, Y &&y)boost::hana::optional< T >friend
operator->()boost::hana::optional< T >
operator<(X &&x, Y &&y)boost::hana::optional< T >friend
operator<=(X &&x, Y &&y)boost::hana::optional< T >friend
operator=(optional const &)=defaultboost::hana::optional< T >
operator=(optional &&)=defaultboost::hana::optional< T >
operator==(X &&x, Y &&y)boost::hana::optional< T >friend
operator>(X &&x, Y &&y)boost::hana::optional< T >friend
operator>=(X &&x, Y &&y)boost::hana::optional< T >friend
operator|(optional< T... >, F)boost::hana::optional< T >friend
optional()=defaultboost::hana::optional< T >
optional(optional const &)=defaultboost::hana::optional< T >
optional(optional &&)=defaultboost::hana::optional< T >
optional(T const &t)boost::hana::optional< T >
optional(T &&t)boost::hana::optional< T >
sfinaeboost::hana::optional< T >related
value()boost::hana::optional< T >
value_or(U &&default_)boost::hana::optional< T >