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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use QuickBook for non-Boost documentation?

QuickBook can be used for non-Boost documentation with a little extra work.

Faq contributed by Michael Marcin

When building HTML documentation with BoostBook a Boost C++ Libraries header is added to the files. When using QuickBook to document projects outside of Boost this is not desirable. This behavior can be overridden at the BoostBook level by specifying some XSLT options. When using Boost Build version 2 (BBv2) this can be achieved by adding parameters to the BoostBook target declaration.

For example:

using quickbook ;

xml my_doc : my_doc.qbk ;

boostbook standalone
        <xsl:param>boost.image.alt="\"My Project\""

Is there an easy way to convert BoostBook docs to QuickBook?

There's a stylesheet that allows Boostbook generated HTML to be viewed as quickbook source, see, so it's then just a cut and paste job to convert the BoostBook to QuickBook (which IMO is a whole lot easier to edit and maintain).

--John Maddock