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//  Copyright (c) 2001-2013 Hartmut Kaiser
//  Distributed under the Boost Software License, Version 1.0. (See accompanying
//  file LICENSE_1_0.txt or copy at

#if !defined(BOOST_SPIRIT_ASSERT_MSG_JUN_23_2009_0836AM)
#define BOOST_SPIRIT_ASSERT_MSG_JUN_23_2009_0836AM

#if defined(_MSC_VER)
#pragma once

#include <boost/config.hpp>

// Work around the MPL problem in BOOST_MPL_ASSERT_MSG generating
// multiple definition linker errors for certain compilers (VC++ 8).
// BOOST_SPIRIT_DONT_USE_MPL_ASSERT_MSG can also be defined by user.
# if defined(BOOST_MSVC) && BOOST_MSVC < 1500
# endif

#include <boost/static_assert.hpp>
#define BOOST_SPIRIT_ASSERT_MSG(Cond, Msg, Types)                             \
        BOOST_STATIC_ASSERT_MSG(Cond, # Msg)
#include <boost/mpl/assert.hpp>
#define BOOST_SPIRIT_ASSERT_MSG(Cond, Msg, Types)                             \
        BOOST_MPL_ASSERT_MSG(Cond, Msg, Types)

#define BOOST_SPIRIT_ASSERT_MATCH(Domain, Expr)                               \
        BOOST_SPIRIT_ASSERT_MSG((                                             \
            boost::spirit::traits::matches< Domain, Expr >::value             \
        ), error_invalid_expression, (Expr))

// GCC 4.7 will overeagerly instantiate static_asserts in template functions,
// if the assert condition does not depend on template parameters
// (see
// There are places where we want to use constant false as the condition in
// template functions to indicate that these function overloads should never
// be called. This allows to generate better error messages. To solve this
// problem we make the condition dependent on the template argument and use
// the following macro in such places.
#include <boost/type_traits/is_same.hpp>

#define BOOST_SPIRIT_ASSERT_FAIL(TemplateParam, Msg, Types)                   \
        BOOST_SPIRIT_ASSERT_MSG((!boost::is_same<                             \
            TemplateParam, TemplateParam >::value), Msg, Types)