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Integral Constant


An Integral Constant is a holder class for a compile-time value of an integral type. Every Integral Constant is also a nullary Metafunction, returning itself. An integral constant object is implicitly convertible to the corresponding run-time value of the wrapped integral type.

Expression requirements

In the following table and subsequent specifications, n is a model of Integral Constant.

Expression Type Complexity
n::tag integral_c_tag Constant time.
n::value_type An integral type Constant time.
n::value An integral constant expression Constant time.
n::type Integral Constant Constant time.
next<n>::type Integral Constant Constant time.
prior<n>::type Integral Constant Constant time.
n::value_type const c = n()   Constant time.

Expression semantics

Expression Semantics
n::tag n's tag type; n::tag::value is n's conversion rank.
n::value_type A cv-unqualified type of n::value.
n::value The value of the wrapped integral constant.
n::type is_same<n::type,n>::value == true.
next<n>::type An Integral Constant c of type n::value_type such that c::value == n::value + 1.
prior<n>::type An Integral Constant c of type n::value_type such that c::value == n::value - 1.
n::value_type const c = n() c == n::value.


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