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This is the documentation for an old version of boost. Click here for the latest Boost documentation.

Change Log

Review Version

Initial review version, for the review conducted from 7th December 2007 to 16th December 2007.

1.35.0 Add-on - 31st March 2008

Unofficial release uploaded to vault, to be used with Boost 1.35.0. Incorporated many of the suggestions from the review.

Boost 1.36.0

First official release.

Boost 1.37.0

Boost 1.38.0

Boost 1.39.0

Boost 1.40.0

Boost 1.41.0 - Major update

Boost 1.42.0

Boost 1.43.0

Boost 1.45.0

Boost 1.48.0 - Major update

This is major change which has been converted to use Boost.Move's move emulation, and be more compliant with the C++11 standard. See the compliance section for details.

The container now meets C++11's complexity requirements, but to do so uses a little more memory. This means that quick_erase and erase_return_void are no longer required, they'll be removed in a future version.

C++11 support has resulted in some breaking changes:

Boost 1.49.0

Boost 1.50.0

Boost 1.51.0

Boost 1.52.0

Boost 1.53.0

Boost 1.54.0

Boost 1.55.0

Boost 1.56.0

Boost 1.57.0

Boost 1.58.0

Boost 1.62.0

Boost 1.63.0

Boost 1.64.0

Boost 1.65.0

Boost 1.66.0

Boost 1.67.0