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Move algorithms

The standard library offers several copy-based algorithms. Some of them, like std::copy or std::uninitialized_copy are basic building blocks for containers and other data structures. This library offers move-based functions for those purposes:

template<typename I, typename O> O move(I, I, O);
template<typename I, typename O> O move_backward(I, I, O);
template<typename I, typename F> F uninitialized_move(I, I, F);
template<typename I, typename F> F uninitialized_copy_or_move(I, I, F);

The first 3 are move variations of their equivalent copy algorithms, but copy assignment and copy construction are replaced with move assignment and construction. The last one has the same behaviour as std::uninitialized_copy but since several standand library implementations don't play very well with move_iterators, this version is a portable version for those willing to use move iterators.

#include "movable.hpp"
#include <boost/move/algorithm.hpp>
#include <cassert>
#include <boost/aligned_storage.hpp>

int main()
   const std::size_t ArraySize = 10;
   movable movable_array[ArraySize];
   movable movable_array2[ArraySize];
   boost::move(&movable_array2[0], &movable_array2[ArraySize], &movable_array[0]);

   //move backward
   boost::move_backward(&movable_array[0], &movable_array[ArraySize], &movable_array2[ArraySize]);

   boost::aligned_storage< sizeof(movable)*ArraySize
                         , boost::alignment_of<movable>::value>::type storage;
   movable *raw_movable = static_cast<movable*>(static_cast<void*>(&storage));
   boost::uninitialized_move(&movable_array2[0], &movable_array2[ArraySize], raw_movable);
   return 0;