boost::locale::gnu_gettext::messages_info Struct Reference

This structure holds all information required for creating gnu-gettext message catalogs,. More...

#include <boost/locale/gnu_gettext.hpp>


struct  domain
 This type represents GNU Gettext domain name for the messages. More...

Public Types

typedef std::vector< domaindomains_type
typedef function< std::vector
< char > std::string const
&file_name, std::string const
&encoding) > 

Public Attributes

std::string language
 The language we load the catalog for, like "ru", "en", "de".
std::string country
 The country we load the catalog for, like "US", "IL".
std::string variant
 Language variant, like "euro" so it would look for catalog like de_DE@euro.
std::string encoding
std::string locale_category
domains_type domains
std::vector< std::string > paths
callback_type callback

Detailed Description

This structure holds all information required for creating gnu-gettext message catalogs,.

The user is expected to set its parameters to load these catalogs correctly. This structure also allows providing functions for charset conversion. Note, you need to provide them, so this structure is not useful for wide characters without subclassing and it will also ignore gettext catalogs that use a charset different from encoding.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef function< std::vector<char> std::string const &file_name, std::string const &encoding ) > boost::locale::gnu_gettext::messages_info::callback_type

The callback for custom file system support. This callback should read the file named file_name encoded in encoding character set into std::vector<char> and return it.

  • If the file does not exist, it should return an empty vector.
  • If a error occurs during file read it should throw a error.
The user should support only the encodings the locales are created for. So if the user uses only one encoding or the file system is encoding agnostic, he may ignore the encoding parameter.

Type that defines a list of domains that are loaded The first one is the default one

Member Data Documentation

callback_type boost::locale::gnu_gettext::messages_info::callback

The callback for handling custom file systems, if it is empty, the real OS file-system is being used.

domains_type boost::locale::gnu_gettext::messages_info::domains

Message domains - application name, like my_app. So files named would be loaded

std::string boost::locale::gnu_gettext::messages_info::encoding

Required target charset encoding. Ignored for wide characters. For narrow, should specify the correct encoding required for this catalog

std::string boost::locale::gnu_gettext::messages_info::locale_category

Locale category, is set by default to LC_MESSAGES, but may be changed

std::vector<std::string> boost::locale::gnu_gettext::messages_info::paths

Paths to search files in. Under MS Windows it uses encoding parameter to convert them to wide OS specific paths.

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